Aural Method - When I Drifted I Heard A Faint Melody (2012)

01. As I Awoke...
02. The Golden Light Swelled Somber in the East
03. Inside Its Cloak the Ocean Tide Held Songs of Restless Beasts
04. The Wind and Smoke Were Bold in Flight
05. As Cities Danced in Feast
06. The Night Sky Broke in Open Stride as Weary Stars Increased
07. The Moonlit Towers Reached Above in Blue the Hours Beseeched Our Love
08. I Dreamed of Choirs Slow and Steady / The Song Was Ours, Its Woe Was Heavy
09. The Autumn Took Its Forest Bride
10. The Trees Had Scattered Garments Wide
11. I Sought My Love Beyond the Hill / I Found Her Bathed in Waters Still
12. Then I Heard A Voice Like Thunder, "Come and See The Final Wonder!"
13. The Heavens Swung Their Blinding Gates...
14. And Carried Us To Winding Fates

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185 Mb, 320 kbps
post-rock, instrumental, ambient, usa, 2012


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