Lowercase Noises - This Is For Our Sins (2014)

01. Death in a Garden
02. Silence of Siberia
03. The Hungry Years
04. Famine and the Death of a Mother
05. A Chance Grain of Rye
06. This is For Our Sins
07. Death of a Quiet Man
08. Death of a Harsh Man
09. Death of a Godmother
10. Requiem
11. What Would There Be Out Here to Hurt Me?
12. Prepare to Die, But Sow the Rye
13. The Timekeeper's Theme

This album follows the story of the Lykov family, who lived isolated in the Russian wilderness for over 40 years before their discovery by geologists in 1978.

Agafia, born in the wilderness in 1943, is the last remaining member of the family. She continues to live in the harsh Siberian landscape to this day.

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V0, 113.9 mb
post-rock, ambient, usa


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5 мая 2014 01:38 #1
Невероятно красивая, светлая грусть. Банджо вписалась великолепно!